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Cornucopia by Dorothy Sells Clover (Short Review)

In Review on March 6, 2012 at 8:40 pm

Walking around the Merchant Soirée this past weekend, I came across a poet selling her books. After I stopped, she insisted on reciting a poem for my girlfriend and me. Of course I let her. A few lines in, I was sold. I was sold on Dorothy as a great poet and a great person.

Reading through Cornucopia, you’ll learn a lot about Dorothy. She jumps from matters of faith, race, relationships, and weather and treats all topics with equal beauty and melody. You’ll meet a strong, independent women that loves her family, her city, and her God.

Back to the Merchant Soirée, here’s the ending of the poem she beautifully recited to us:

 Deny me, taunt me, refuse me of
a kiss from lips divine.
I will accept most eagerly; a fool would not decline.

A kiss to feed my wanton soul…


Interested in purchasing Cornucopia? Click here to buy in book or digital form.

Review written by Tyson Peveto


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