Tevis Bluff

The Gray

In Poetry on December 15, 2011 at 12:00 pm

I possess the control,
the ability to choose between
black and white.
To dissuade from gray,
the color of confusion,
the color eyes wide shut make.

It is the representative shade
for those who choose to not,
hide with the scared or
march with the brave,
but instead don a veil
the color of gray.

With this veil, this mask, this masquerade
they hide amongst heroes
and receive undue accolades,
and cower with the poor, the fearful,
to receive charity not intended for them.
For their valor is selfish,
and their woes or not true.
They wade in the muddy tween space,
having found the benefits of blending
while being completely out of place.

The gray is not a solution
it is dissolution
a stepping stone towards indifference.
It places a plague on both of your houses
and feeds you to the point of malnutrition.
It fills your body, your mind, your soul
with empty thoughts of grandeur
and materialistic goals.

I have a dream that all men are not created equal,
that the strong were created
to carry the weak;
that the outspoken were meant
to speak for the meek;
that the ones who could stand
were meant to pick up their fallen man.
For without black there is no white,
without wrong there is no right.
For beauty is found in the
like and dislike of both.
What we disdain about one
brings forth what we appreciate in the other.
By turning a blind eye to the negative
we will never truly understand the positive.

So in living your dream
remember to not embrace all
for all are not meant to be embraced,
but instead placed amongst us
so we might taste
the difference between the gray and the
unequivocal feeling, the moment, the knowing
of our true place.

For I possess the control,
the intelligent ability
to voice my choice
to use my sensibility,
and cast away my veil
making a promise to never masquerade
as a hero hiding among the weak
or a coward among the brave;
to not engorge myself
with empty deeds
and consuming thoughts
of undeserving wants
and self made needs.

Kelly Neild Price

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