Tevis Bluff

It’s not as if

In Poetry on September 19, 2011 at 12:00 pm

It’s not as if
I haven’t wanted
to kiss your mouth,
to touch this torso,
to squeeze the soft parts,
and the more firm parts

in my lonely hands.
To drink you up in the
fading cosmic sunshine,
to take you in and
softly glide over your limbs
with the tips of my fingers, and

with the tips of my fingers
gently scratching skin
from biting my nails
and cuticles away,
worried that I might hurt you.
Soft hair in my face,

smelling it, it smells like me.
My breath, and my beard
has made an impression upon you.
Yet, and it feels as
if your nakedness, next to mine,
isn’t bothering you

much anymore;
and you push up your shoulders
to your ears, to play shy
and snicker, pushing air
through your short, little nose
that I have kissed with my eyes closed.

Lying here in
the middle of the night
like spoons, in the cutlery drawer,
without any sound
coming from the house
or any movements outside.

Ryan Fisette

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