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In Preparation of the End of The World

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Not really.

Joking aside, we’re sad to announce the conclusion of Tevis Bluff.

After over a year and a half of posting and promoting local authors and artist, we’re calling it quits. From a combination of us not paying Tevis Bluff the needed attention and us not getting enough submissions, there isn’t enough stamina to keep going.

The site will be left up in case you want to read past posts but the Facebook and twitter accounts will be shut down shortly.

If interested, you can keep up with our editor, Tyson Peveto, on his blog. He is currently reading and blogging through the 100 greatest novels.

Thanks for everything!!

Tevis Bluff

Midnight Bike Ride

In Poetry on October 25, 2012 at 1:25 pm

Midnight bike ride, friend in tow
Wobbly unsure start, riding side by side
Rushing sound of the wind in your ears
Like the drone of a thousand angry bees
Exhilarating feeling, senses heightened, heart pumping
Peddle awhile, cruise, peddle some more

Yapping dogs lunging at your feet (their exercise
For the evening)
Lone walkers, dark neighborhood
You peddle faster
Another courageous biker coming out of the
Darkness of night
Riding like he’s in a New York marathon
Peddle, coast, coast, glide
You ride on…

Full moon ..a welcome beacon in the midnight sky
Like the north star for weary slaves
Lighting the way on an otherwise dark and foreboding street
Giving vision to certain obstacles in our path
Occasional bumps, or those infamous potholes
That can send you flying over the handlebars
Railroad tracks… a welcome break
Peddle hard to the top
Coast for a block, arms flailing like
Kids on a roller coaster
Pump harder, pick up speed

Street lamps dot the lane like islands
They are few and far between
A lone vehicle lights our way,
But cautiously passes by eventually
The wind engulfs us like an airish blanket
Rhythmic panting, muscles aching
Nearing the end of our trek
Slowly peddling… coast to a stop.

-Dorothy Sells Clover

Originally published in Cornucopia, her book of poetry.
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Lomelda – Late Dawn Inheritance (Music Review)

In Review on October 8, 2012 at 6:45 pm

LomeldaTemperatures are dropping, stew is simmering, and jackets are being pulled from the back of the closet. Autumn. Fall. Whichever name you prefer, I have an album for you to enjoy while sipping on that cup of coffee (spiced tea, anyone?).

Born in the piney woods of Silsbee, Lomelda will be releasing a new album later this month. Yes, I know Tevis Bluff is a literature blog but I thought you needed to know about this album. The music is perfect for the cooling weather and the lyrics are pure poetry. In fact, we featured one poem from the singer, Hannah Read, over a year ago on Tevis Bluff and it is the second track and first single from their album. Anyways, let’s get to it.

Late Dawn Inheritance is a collection of songs that can only be described as Americana. Musically, it contains acoustic guitars, a pump organ, a cello, and a few other instruments laying around the house. Vocally, Hannah portrays a hopeful despair in these songs about death, doubt, and memories. Many of the songs are about the loss of a loved one and you can hear it in her voice. Her melodies are little adventures in every line. Sometimes, her note choices remind me of an improvisational jazz musician. On Dying Song, Hannah says as much with her yodeling and voice breaking into notes as she does with her words. You need to hear her sing this song. Speaking of the words, well, let me just let you read what’s sung in Dying Song:

I can remember the day that he died
Remember and hardly cry
Well, maybe this is time to move on
And maybe I’ll just sing one more song

‘Cause when he sang his dying song
I wasn’t even close
They called to tell me it wouldn’t be long
This is just the way that it goes

Still all I can sing about these days
Is dying and being put in a grave
Well, maybe there’s no other kind of song
And maybe my thoughts are just wrong

But when I sing my dying song
I hope you’ll sit real close
And maybe even sing along
That would be the best way to go

I get chills every time I listen to the track (and I’ve hit replay a few too many times). Real quick, before I tell you where to get this album, read this little poetic nugget from The Sea is Calling:

Oh, let’s face it
the present is gone
and the future is not
The past is all we’ve got
Good thing it holds a

The album was released on October 26th. You can purchase the physical or digital album at lomelda.bandcamp.com. The first single is Still, which you can hear below:

Review written by Tyson Peveto

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